COUNTERPLAY for trombone and piano
(Comissioned by Utah Symphony principal trombonist Mark Davidson)

FIVE for five–string Baroque violoncello piccolo
(Comissioned by cellist Ka–Wai Yu)

(Recorded by Viktor Valkov, set for 2022 release on the Albany Records label featuring the piano music of Luke Dahn)

PASSES for clarinet & bass clarinet
(Comissioned by clarinetists Shandra Helman and Brandon VanOrden)

RICHTER 938–5a for oboe, horn & piano
(Comissioned by oboist Erika Qureshi & French hornist Osvaldo Rodriguez)
RICHTER 938–5b for oboe, bassoon & piano
(Revision of Richter 938–5a for performance at the 2022 International Double Reed Society (IDRS) Conference)

GIUOCO PIANO for piano
(written for Viktor Valkov; Review: "The movements are exceedingly brief, but each is beautifully formed and colored, and all engage the ear... I’d like to hear more from this composer.")

PENUMBRAE for clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano
(written for the Moscow Conservatory Studio for New Music; Winner of the 2010 League of Composers/ISCM Competition)

GRAY BEHIND GLASS for clarinet, violin, cello, piano
(written for the SOLI Chamber Ensemble)

(written for the Leviathan Trio; movements based on poetry and prose by Wendell Berry, W.H. Auden, Kathleen Norris, and Christian Wiman)

(written for pianist Ryan Fogg, who recorded the piece for Albany Records (TROY 1069))

EDGES for large ensemble
(written for the University of Iowa Center for New Music, who recorded it for Albany Records (TROY 956); Sequenza 21 review: "terrific... Awfully damned good piece.")

THRENODY for clarinet, viola, piano
(Written for Ensemble: Peripherie; performed at the 2019 SCI National Conference)

BUFFALO DANCE for alto sax and piano
(written for Kenneth Tse; Winner of the 2014 6th Biennial International J.D. Robb Composition Competition)

LETTERS for piano
(written for pianist Ann DuHamel in a collaborative project with composer Joseph Dangerfield)

CALDER CADENCES for flute, clarinet, violin, cello piano
(Performed at Carnegie Hall by Ensemble: Peripherie for whom the piece was written; NY Concert Review "I suspect that Calder would have heartily approved of both the music and the exceptional performance from EP")

TRACES for piano
(written for pianist Ryan Fogg)

PENTIMENTI for large ensemble
(written for the University of Iowa Center for New Music)

3x3x3 for nine oboes
(Winner of a competition celebrating the 333rd birthday of J.S. Bach)

HYPALLAGE for violin, clarinet, piano
(Semi–finalist in the 2015 Rapido! Competition)

(EX)CHANGING (EX)TRACTS for violin and piano
(Written for violinist Wolfgang David and pianist David Gompper)

CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE for soprano and orchestra
(Written for soprano Michelle Crouch; also arranged in versions for soprano+piano and soprano+clarinet+piano)

TEAL for two clarinets
(A minimalist work composed using material from Hypallage for violin+clarinet+piano)

DAVON KAM DER TOD SO BALD for flute, alto sax, cello
(Written as part of a collaborative work called the "Cruci Project" that included an artist (Eric Robinson), several composers and poets)

...LIKE A FANTASTIC AGUE for large ensemble
(written for the University of Iowa Center for New Music, directed by David Gompper)

KYRIE for a cappella SATB choir

DASH for brass quintet

AFTER DARKNESS, LIGHT for symphonic band

Edges for large ensemble (0:00), Confessions of St. Augustine for sop, cl, pf (0:43), Like a Fantastic Ague for large ensemble (1:33), Penumbrae for cl, vn, va, vc, pf (2:49), Buffalo Dance for alto sax, pf (3:38), Downward Courses for pf (4:36), Calder Cadences for fl, cl, vn, vc, pf (5:26), Traces for pf (5:57), Edges (6:44), Threnody for cl, va, pf (7:48), Pentimenti for large ensemble (9:23), Penumbrae (10:22).