Music Theory II Assignment — Schumann’s "Ich Wandelte" from Liederkreis, Op.24

1. Analyze the chords starting in measure 3 going to the downbeat of measure 5. It may be helpful to see what pattern Schumann has set up in measures 1-2. The final eighth note of measures 1 and of measure 2 is what kind of NCT? Remember this when analyzing mm. 3-5. Do these chords resolve the way they should? Explain.

2. On beat 4 of measure 9, a Fx appears. Explain the harmony that it helps create. To where does this harmony resolve? There is a NCT involved. Identify it.

3. A G-natural appears in m.22 at the top of the arpeggio in the piano. This does not create a secondary chord. But it does link up with the next chord where the bird begins. What distant key, representing the bird, do measures 23-30 fall into?

4. Analyze the chords from measure 38 to the downbeat of 40. Do any of these chords not resolve as expected?

5. Finally, explain the G-natural in m.39 and the Cx in m.44.