Music Fundamentals Fun Quiz

1. Start with Middle C (C1). Go up m7 + A4 + M3 + P5 + m3 + M7 + M2 + P5. The resulting pitch is what?

2. The pitch G# is an Augmented 4th above scale degree 6 in which key’s relative minor?

3. The interval between the subtonic of Bb major’s relative minor and the subdominant of F# minor’s relative major, if the former is above the latter, is what?

4. The harmonic minor scale of Bb major’s parallel minor and the major scale of G minor’s parallel major have two notes in common.. Name them and tell whether they create a perfect consonance, imperfect consonance, a dissonance, or a "dissonance with the bass" when combined.
(The phrase "dissonance with the bass" comes from the Kostka/Payne theory texbook and refers to the harmonic P4.)

5. The melodic fragment C#–D#–E–F# appears in which major and minor (all forms) scales?