Music Theory III Assignment — Brahms’s Intermezzo in A Major, Op.118 No.2


1. What is the overall form of the piece? Think large–scale sections here and use your forms handout as a guide. Create a chart of the large–scale sections (similar to the sonata form charts created in class), listing measure numbers and keys for each section.

2. Identify the prominent motives used by Brahms to unify the piece and make a glossary on a separate sheet of staff paper.

3. Write a paragraph of at least 150 words about any portion of the piece that combines colorful or emotive adjectives, verbs, and/or metaphors (e.g. "agitated," "soars," "like a wild echo") with the more music aspects of the music (e.g. chords, keys, melodic line, rhythmic pattern, etc.).
(Such an exercise is intended to prepare the student for final analysis papers.)


Analyze the following harmonies. (The starred ones are challenging!)

1. Measure 4, beat 3
2. Measure 6, beats 1 through 2
3. Measure 16, beat 3
4.* Measure 17, beat 3: What does the chord appear to be? What harmony does it lead to on beat 3 of measure 18? How might you explain the function of this chord?
5. Measure 33, beats 1 through 2
6.* Measure 59, beat 3 & Measure 60, beat 1 (Why the switch to flats and naturals?)
7. Measure 71, beat 3