Music Theory III Assignment — Bach’s "Crucifixus" from the Mass in B Minor

1. List at few (at least 4) of the prominent musical features in this piece.

2. How is the text painted musically?

3. How many times is the ostinato repeated?

4. There is one instance of an +6 chord in its normative manifestation. Find it and label it by type. (Think about where in the bass pattern it would appear.) What chords come immediately before and after it?

5. Identify the following chords. Tell whether they resolve to where they are expected to. (When considering beats, remember the piece is in 3/2 meter.)
a. Measure 10, beat 3:
b. Measure 13, beat 3:
c. Measure 14, beat 3:
d. Measure 25, beat 1:
e. Measure 29, beat 2:
Try the following more challenging ones! Be creative here. Think about surrouding contexts for these. Is a key area being tonicized nearby?
f. Measure 14, beat 2:
g. Measure 24, beat 3:
h. Measures 40–42:

6. In what key is the final cadence? Beat 2 of measure 51 serves as a pivot. Identify the pivot in both keys in terms of roman numerals, then identify the beat 3 chord in that measure.